The Journey


When deciding on creating this blog, I had to dig deep into who I was, what I know and what I think my community would enjoy reading. So, welcome to Fairly Chic, where two different parts of who I am will go on a journey with you through a life of humor, sadness, excitement and probably some obnoxiously boring moments.

Growing up, I moved and lived in various different places in this country. I spent my younger years in Detroit, playing sports and becoming a preteen. I’ve lived in New York and spent a lot of time in the busy City. I spent 4 years in Kansas City where I lived through my adolescence. I went to college at the University of Missouri, one of the biggest D1 schools in the country and spent Friday Nights at ESPN showcased football games. I’ve hiked the mountains of Aspen and climbed the tallest tower in Chicago. I’ve spent entire summers chasing crabs on the banks of North Carolina and multiple spring breaks in West Palm Beach Florida where I shopped in stores that greeted me with glasses of champagne. I’ve felt the excitement of bright lights and busy streets. My point? I’ve experienced and fell in love with the city life, and became a “city girl.”

What happened in between those moves and magical moments, however, were drastically different but just as magical of moments. I have a large family that all live in the same, small town. Both of my parents grew up in this small town consisting of less than 1000 people. My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on both of my parents’ side also live in the same place. I spent extended Christmas vacations on the living room floor of the built-by-hand house of my great grandparents. I spent Fourth of July weekends running around barefoot with my dozens of cousins playing “manhunt” on one of the farmhouses of my father’s family. I spent Indian Summer’s on a trampoline having my first kiss with a boy I had known since I was in 2nd grade and building castles on the banks of the dirty Mississippi. I cried in 6-hour car rides as I had to say goodbye to the only place I called home for my entire life, month after month, year after year, as my family headed back to the cities we were living in at the time. I’ve felt the serenity of crickets at moonlight and car rides with the windows down. My point? I’ve experienced and fell in love with the small-town life, and became a “country girl.”

So, here is where my crossroads began: I graduated college and chose to settle in that place I have always called home, dreaming of the Big City while I sleep. Both parts of me are as equally responsible for my identity and both are as equally attractive to my heart. My hope is that this platform will not only serve as an entertaining reading tool for my readers, learning about a person who attempts to satisfy a soul with two different ways of life, but also quite possibly as the very journey I take as I figure out who I truly am and where I truly belong.

Thanks for coming with me.


Kasandra Lynn



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